Police investigating series of suspected cat mutilations in Everett

Police are investigating what they believe to be a series of cat mutilations in Everett this summer.Everett Animal Services began receiving reports of dead cats in North Everett in June. Only the limbs were recovered in most cases, and officials initially believed the cats were killed by other animals. But an examination by a veterinarian last week found evidence that the limbs may have been intentionally removed, according to a statement from Everett Police.

Home & Decor

There is space (and at least 1 special space) for everyone in this new waterfront home in Medina — even Blue and B the dogs

EVERYONE EVER INVOLVED in the design of this fabulous family home on Medina’s Fairweather Bay — even tangentially, between centuries, and even by proxy, between species — had a say in it: the family itself (Ellen and John Tobin, with kids Greta, Riva and Ryan, plus supersweet doggy Blue and brand-new pup B); their go-to principal/lead designer, Tom Rochon of Designs Northwest Architects; and renowned Northwest architect Ralph Anderson, who created the house that was here before.